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Creating Business Value

with Smart Industrial Processes

Can Industrial IoT really improve manufacturing operations?

Some of the key benefits:

  • Improving uptime and machine utilization
  • Predicting machine health
  • Optimizing use of assets
  • Increasing throughput
  • Enhancing safety on site
  • Creating new supply chain efficiencies

These and many other key benefits are addressed in this new 90+ page report through interviews, survey, use cases and much more across all key segments in manufacturing operations

Although the Industrial sector has been substantially affected by COVID this year, if anything this has tended to accelerate plans for digitalization. Our research in this report explores challenges arising and includes many direct interviews as well as survey data from those implementing these changes in their factories. We hope you will find this report useful to refer to for detail on connected manufacturing.

Robin Duke-Woolley, Founder and CEO, Beecham Research

Our first report in this series “Why IoT Projects Fail and What To Do About Them” was published in January 2020 and examined the challenges of developing and implementing IoT solutions.

This report picks up on the findings from that together with the growing need to create new business value with Smart Industrial Processes.

Connected Manufacturing chart

The chart is organised around different types of manufactured products, where the manufacturing processes to make them have similar – but by no means the same - challenges. The outer ring then features examples of the IoT applications/devices relevant to the processes for each segment. The report describes each of these in detail.

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Gain unique insights from industry peers on the Industrial market and the challenges companies are facing implementing smart processes in their factories. Understand the role Industrial IoT can playing in creating new value for the business.

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Two key challenges for us in the Industrial IoT space are around, firstly, having a consistent framework for understanding the data that comes from different sources. Secondly, having the capability to stream data on how the product is being used in order to better predict and forecast the failures that are going to happen.

Data Science Lead, major auto manufacturer.

In the future, we are looking at more AI adoption and looking at more autonomous solutions, more robotics, more data driven approaches. There is a big push for computer vision helping remote applications. There will be more use of real-time data for technicians on the shop floor. Technicians will spend less time walking to each machine to check status.

Industrial Data Lead, major heavy equipment manufacturer.

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About Beecham Research

Beecham Research is a leading technology market research, analysis and consulting firm established in 1991. We have specialized in the development of the rapidly-growing Connected Devices market, often referred to as M2M and IoT, worldwide since 2001.

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